Maintenance and Maintenance

Basic introduction and uses of glue applicators

Gluing machines are also known as coating machines, squeegee machines and automatic glue sprayers. They are used to apply liquid glue to textiles, cardboard boxes or leather surfaces. The coating machine sprays a liquid such as glue or paint onto the desired product by means of air pressure. The machine is equipped with a three-axis linkage for automatic operation and is also equipped with a computer programmed control path for spraying. The coating thickness and time can be set and is easy to operate.

Gluing machines are also known as squeegee machines. A machine used to apply glue to the surface of textiles. The main types are: (1) horizontal or double-action gluing machines. The textile is coated with a thin film through the slit between the gluing knife and the work rollers, and then the remaining layer of glue is applied through a platform heated with steam so that the solvent evaporates. (2) Drum gluing machine. With a hollow metal drum heated by steam instead of a drying table. (3) Vertical or inclined dipping machine. After the textile has been dipped in the glue paste, the excess glue paste is scraped off the surface by the applicator and the press rollers. The solvent is then evaporated by the vertical or tilting drying table and the remaining layer of glue is removed. The tabletop glue applicator sprays glue or paint onto the material by means of air pressure. The machine is equipped with a three-axis linkage, automatic operation and a computer programmed spray path. The thickness and time of spraying can be set, and it is easy to operate. It is mostly used for toys (gluing, fixing, wiring, insulation); sealing and packaging; handbags and leather bags [2]; small appliances, wires, connectors and connectors; audio and video frames; signs and labels; small hardware fixing; small paper products gluing and fixing; small accessories, handicrafts, hairpins, water balloons, etc.; electronic products fixing, gluing and insulation; other applications requiring glue. The glue is used manually or semi-automatically.

Knowledge of insulating glass equipment maintenance

The maintenance of the insulating glass equipment in use is very simple, mainly to keep the pulleys lubricated in all aspects, to keep the voltage stable and to prevent the burning of electrical appliances.

To ensure good operation of the machine, daily maintenance and servicing of the machine should be strengthened, and if there is any abnormality in the running process, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. If there is any abnormality during operation, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection and restarted after troubleshooting. The equipment should be repaired by professionals when there is a large fault, and never turn off the main power supply before starting the overhaul.

1. Transmission maintenance.

The transmission roller bearings, brush roller bearings, transmission bearings, sprockets, gears regularly filled with calcium-based grease; micro cycloid reducer every six months plus calcium-based grease once; stepless speed regulator every six months for Ub-l or Ub-3 type lubricating oil once, and in the process of operation should always check its oil level, keep the oil level in the centre line of the slide mark above.

2、Water circuit maintenance.

The circulating water in the water tank should be replaced daily, the water tank should be cleaned once a week, and the water spray nozzle should be checked frequently, and the blockage should be cleared in time.

3, wind maintenance.

Regularly check the operation of the fan, such as abnormal sound should be immediately shut down to check, and regularly clean the fan filter grid to reduce the resistance of the induced wind, improve the cleanliness of the glass surface after air-drying.

How to choose insulating glass equipment

How to choose insulating glass equipment

Many customers in the purchase of insulating glass equipment is always hesitant, do not know which one of the products should be selected, and therefore choose to various manufacturers field visits, which will not only increase the cost of buying products, but also increase the user's fatigue. In this Jinan Hengdi can share with you some precautions before purchase.

At first, you can first visit the company in the same industry in the vicinity to ask a certain brand of insulating glass equipment quality and after-sales service, after asking a few basic can determine a few brands of products, and then find the official website of these brands online to view the product configuration models they need, at this time customers often receive a variety of phone calls, claiming that their products are cheap and high quality, but this time the price is low and The first thing to choose is the quality and after-sales service.

First of all, the quality of insulating glass equipment production in the selection of materials is very critical, from steel plates, chips to brushes, motors and so on and so forth, the difference between imported and domestic, brand and small stall goods, the price will vary greatly, which is the main factor in the price gap between the equipment, and these precisely will seriously affect the future production of insulating glass quality and cost and continuity of production, so the low price can not be the only criterion, more Should be concerned about the material of the equipment and the quality of the main components.

Next is the after-sales service, any product needs a perfect after-sales support, both the supply of accessories and future maintenance should be able to timely, which is also one of the important factors affecting the production.

After the understanding of these, customers can target to two or three brands of manufacturers to go on a field trip to talk about the final price under the same quality configuration.

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Notes on the daily use of insulating glass equipment

Insulating glass equipment should be used with attention to the correct operation of the machine in order to improve the quality of the processed insulating glass and delay the service life of the machine. The following is a small guide to the precautions to be taken in the use of insulating glass equipment.

The correct placement of insulating glass equipment can have an impact on its final quality. Whether in production, transport or site storage first stacking rack design requirements to take into account the characteristics of insulating glass, stacking rack to have a certain degree of inclination. The bottom plane of the insulating glass equipment should always be 90 degrees to the side, so that the two bottom edges of the insulating glass can be placed vertically on the stacking frame. Also note that the bottom of the glass should not be stained with oil, lime and other solvents, as they can have varying degrees of erosion on the second sealant of the insulating glass, thus affecting the sealing performance of the insulating glass. Adhesive strip type insulating glass pressed sheet to pay attention to the edge of the combined glass to align, pressed sheet in the back to leave a small opening, so that the dry gas overflow from the small opening, pressed together and then sealed.

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Plastic steel doors and windows equipment, insulating glass equipment common fault diagnosis

1, hollow glass equipment, plastic steel equipment common failure phenomenon: a factory of two welding machine in the use of the process, press any operation button, the welding machine no action failure.

2, inspection, analysis

(1) heating indicator light, air pressure table is normal, indicating that the electricity and gas supply is normal.

(2) The manual button of each solenoid valve has a corresponding action, which means that there is no fault in the mechanical system.

(3) Observe all emergency stop buttons, they are in the release state.

(4) Check the programmable controller, press the operation button, the programmable controller has the corresponding input display, but no output display.

(5) At this point the heating time, welding time are set to "O" value, and at the same time the head switch off, so that the emergency stop button in the release state, found that the programmable controller and input indicator light.

(6) combined with (insulating glass) equipment electrical schematic and electrical wiring diagram, check the input terminals corresponding to the input indicator light, the corresponding input for the left head emergency stop button input.

(7) open the left head emergency stop button, the button is released externally, while the internal contacts are in the on state.

3. Processing.

After repairing the emergency stop button and re-installing it, the equipment will resume normal operation.

Three aspects of insulating glass equipment maintenance

Insulating glass equipment is now more and more widely used, we also know about it, it should be noted in the usual use of what? Today our editor to share it with you, I hope it can help you, let's take a look at the following introduction, so that we can better understand it.

First, is the maintenance of the insulating glass equipment transmission. This includes the transmission roller bearings, brush roller bearings, transmission bearings, sprockets, gears regularly filled with calcium-based grease; micro cycloid reducer every six months plus calcium-based grease once; stepless speed regulator every six months for Ub-l or Ub-3 type lubricating oil once, but also in the process of equipment operation from time to time to check its oil level, keep Oil level in the slide mark above the centre line.

Secondly, the maintenance of the water circuit of the hollow glass equipment. This includes the circulating water in the water tank should be replaced every day, the water tank should be cleaned once a week, but also often check the water spray nozzle spraying situation, if found blocked problems to clean up in a timely manner.

Finally, there is the maintenance of the air circuit. This is mainly to regularly check the operation of the fan, such as the discovery of abnormal sound to immediately stop the inspection, but also regularly clean the fan filter grille to reduce the resistance of the induced wind, so as to improve the surface cleanliness of the air-dried glass.

Three aspects of hollow glass equipment maintenance is shared, you can contact us if you are interested in Oh.

Problems to be noted when working with glass cleaners

Glass cleaning machine can be for the surface of the glass cleaning can also be for drying, in the work must pay attention to its use of the main points, because it is mainly converted into mechanical energy to work, for glass cleaning machine in the work of what issues need to pay attention to? The following small take you to understand the glass cleaning machine work when you need to pay attention to the problem.

1. In the use of glass cleaning machine, you need to check the piping system for air and water leakage, such as this situation, you should notify the maintenance staff to repair.  

2. When using the glass washer, you need to check whether its cleaning fluid is sufficient, if not, increase the cleaning fluid in time.   

3. The glass washing machine is to start a trial run, and then air-ride for 2-3 minutes to check the transmission system (motor, coupling, reducer) and the smooth movement of the transport belt, to confirm that everything is normal before production.  

4. Glass washing machine open floating oil exclusion device (without floating oil exclusion device) to start floating oil exclusion, so when the pump is still open, the water surface is calm, the best effect of oil discharge, to be floating oil after the basic exclusion of stop oil removal, drain oil pollution Dock use the lunch break to carry out.

Glass cleaning machine in the use of time, must pay attention to check, usually for the maintenance of the machine is very important, usually to often observe the machine's moving parts, water system, air system, electrical system, in case of emergency immediately stop to check. The above is a small part of the glass cleaning machine work for you to pay attention to the problem, hope to bring you help!

Maintenance work on insulating glass equipment

Insulating glass is mainly used in the door and window industry, it has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, and is loved by a large number of users. Production of its insulating glass equipment is constantly running every day, the long-term view of the enterprise is, of course, to give it good maintenance work, only then its life will be longer.

Hollow glass equipment often check the fastening connections on each institutional component to prevent loosening, each with seat spherical bearings and transmission chain with calcium-based grease lubrication. The recommended lubricant grade for the gearbox is UB-3, and the lubricant should be replaced again after 1000 hours of operation. The subsequent oil change interval is approximately 4000 hours. The oil in the gearbox should be kept at two thirds of the vernier level and checked regularly. Operation box on the breathable nut to prevent oil leakage in the handling process has been screwed tight, operation shall be loosened, strictly prohibited not loosened to use. 

Insulating glass equipment maintenance work is shared here, in order to it can work better on it.

Operating precautions and start-up sequence for glass cleaners

Insulating glass cleaning machine is an important part of the horizontal insulating glass equipment, so we should have a general understanding of the operating precautions and start-up sequence of the insulating glass cleaning machine.

First of all, glass equipment cleaning machine operating precautions.

  (1) must pay attention to first open the blower, then open the heater. First off the heater, then off the blower.

  (2) Be sure to lower the speed regulator to zero before stopping the transfer motor.

  (3) When the thickness of the glass plate changes, be sure to adjust the height position of the upper air knife first, otherwise it will cause damage accidents.

  (4) The glass must be placed within the limit of the feeding section.

  (5)There is an emergency stop button on the control console in case of emergency.

  (6) When adding tap water to the washing water tank, the water level should not exceed 250MM, and when the water level is lower than 200MM, water should be added in time.

  Next, the glass equipment washing machine start-up sequence.

  (1)Turn on the total power supply (console)

  (2)Adjust the position of the upper wind knife according to the thickness of the glass (four handles of the drying section)

  (3)Turn on the blower 15 minutes before each production shift (console)

  (4) Check that the water tank is filled with water

  (5) Set hot air temperature (console)

  (6) Energise the heater (console)

  (7)Turn on the water pump (console)

  (8)Turn on the brush roller motor (console)

  (9) Place the glass plate within the limit of the feeding section

  (10) Turn on the inspection light (console)

  (11) Inspect glass at the outfeed section and take away

  (12) Turn off the heater at the end of each shift and then turn off the blower after three minutes (console)

  (13) Turn off lighting (console)

  (14) Turn off brush roller motor (console)

  (15) Lower the speed regulator to the lowest position (console)

  (16)Turn off conveyor roller motor (console)

  (17)Turn off the water pump and switch off the main power supply.

How to distinguish between genuine and fake insulating glass windows and doors

Genuine insulating glass doors and windows are made by first sealing the two panes of glass with sealing tape, then vacuuming the middle and filling it with an inert gas. Such a structure makes genuine insulating glass doors and windows have good sound and heat insulation properties. However, many cheap and poor quality insulating glass doors and windows are simply glued together with two pieces of glass and are not treated as described above, and therefore do not have the kind of acoustic and thermal insulation effect that is characteristic of insulating glass.

The first thing to look for is whether the glass has been sealed. Many false insulating glass doors and windows are glued together with black PVC foam strips and are not sealed. The real insulating glass doors and windows are made with special sealing strips to ensure absolute sealing. There is an aluminium spacer between the two pieces of real insulating glass, and there are many air permeable holes in the aluminium spacer, which are placed with desiccant to absorb some moisture in the gas and prevent the foggy phenomenon after the glass doors and windows are heated, while there is no such equipment in fake insulating glass.

The quality of the profile to identify high-quality insulating glass doors and windows using high-quality profiles, such as the more well-known domestic conch profiles, Green profiles, etc., and poor quality insulating glass doors and windows using low-grade profiles, are secondary recycling profiles. High-quality profiles look smooth and delicate, flat and clean, evenly coloured, without cracks and bubbles, without fracture and open welding at the weld, with sufficient hardness and thickness, and without rupture on the surface of the profile when struck with a hammer. Inferior profiles are unevenly coloured, have bubbles and impurities, and will break when struck with a hammer, and will even be deformed when pinched by hand.

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