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automatic insulating glass sealing robot2000

equipment performance It can realize the continuity of various sizes of insulating glass glue, with high glue efficiency and stable quality. Two completely independent glue supply system, two sealants can be switched (optional single group / double group) glass can be stored to strengthen the continuity of equipment operation and improve production efficiency 4. Man-machine interface is friendly and easy to operate 5. The side glue is coated without bubbles, and the corners are full without manual trimming 6. Yaskawa servo control system of the world famous brand with stable performance 7. Accurate synchronous belt transmission system to ensure the smooth and pollution-free glass operation 8. Unique glue volume automatic alarm device 9.The entire Yaskawa system series is adopted(PLC、Motion controller. servo motor )、Electric parts Schneider、Pneumatic component(AirTAC),smc, Switching Mode Power SupplyMing weiAnd so on well-known brands.

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