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Aluminum& PVC machine

By a pair of hard mouth opening tool, the gear rolling can be achieved at the groove where the aluminum alloy material has penetrate the thermal insulation part.
The imported carbide saw blades is high precision machined and durable. Imported linear bearing motion ensures the precision and stability of operation. The main bearing is high precision and makes the blade rotate stably.
The machine uses imported blades and imported linear bearings. The main bearing is high precision and makes the blade rotate stably.
It is the first four-axis positioning system created domestically. By shaping enclosure space in the deforming area, it can reduce the distortion of materials to a great extend. Adopting mported computer systems, it can calculate the size of curved arc more accurately.
Aluminum axis CNC machining centers (cantilever) Using advanced in dustrial CNC systems,frendly machine interface and operation is simple.
Used in the processing of aluminum face. A milling multiple profiles, and high efficiency. Tools to do up and down, to adjust to different shapes and sizes of the processing .
For aluminum window crimping. One frame crimping at the same time. The contro system has position control and momental facedback function for preventing location erreor.
Special equipment for 90 angle coupling of corner structural aluminum doors and windows. It features pecial power transmission means to reduce the butt seam.
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