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Butyl coating machine

It can realize the continuity of glueing of various sizes of rectangular insulating glass, with high glueing efficiency and stable quality
1. Pneumatic control system, split structure, easy operation. 2. suitable for insulating glass production and curtain companies. 3. Main and auxiliary motor using South Korea advanced technology, power stable and enough glue.
The machine is made of high-strength, high-quality stainless steel through heat treatment, and is controlled by a PC machine to automatically and accurately complete the gluing action, with high production efficiency;
1. Controlled by PC computer, automatic rubber spreading operation and high efficiency 2. Suitable for all kinds of aluminum frames such as round, rectangle and square
1. Unique poison seal device 2. Reasonable coating system and low pressure 3. This is special equipment spreading hot butyl sealant uniformly onto the two sides of the aluminum spacing frame.
The machine is semi-auto butyl extruder machine, frequency converter speed regulator. put the spacer on the conveyor by manual work, when the spacer pass the sensor, the conveyor rollers and valves will work automatically by computer.
Adopt advanced German original pneumatic pump system to make the equipment pressure more stable and energy saving; Using a touch screen organic interface control system, the operation is clearer and simpler;
The machine is welded by square tubes, high strength and distortion. The work table is equipped with universal wheels and is easy to operate.
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