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What is the difference between tempered glasses and insulating glasses?

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2016/11/30 09:10
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1. Tempered glasses is a prestressed glass reprocessed with ordinary plat glass, it has two characteristics compared with ordinary glasses:
1) The former strength is several times of later, tensile degree is more than three times, shock resistance is more than five times.
2) It isn’t easy break, if it is broken, it will be particulate form without shape and greatly reduce the impact on human health.
2. Ground glass is frosted with ordinary plat glass; the common thickness is less than 9cm, most are 5cm or 6cm.
3. Sand-blasted glass adopts sandblast. As it is similar to ground glass, many owners even professional decorate personnel confused them.
4. Figured glass is an ordinary glass processed by delay press. Its biggest characteristic is pervious to light opaque, use more wait at closet decorate area.
5. Wire glass is a shock resistance flat glass with wire inside the glass. It will be radical cracks when pounded and mostly used on building or more unsteadily factories.
6. Insulating glass is glass glue connected with two glasses. The interspace will be dry air and around will be sealed. It is mostly used for projects with sound insulation requirement.
7. Laminated glass is composed of two pieces glasses and organic glue layer. When broken, the pieces will adhere to glue layers to avoid the damage to human. It is mostly used for project with safe requirements.
8. Bullet-proof glass is one kind laminated glass and the two pieces glasses are high strength tempered glasses and there are numbers of layers. It is mostly used for bank, villa or projects with high safe requirements.
9. Hot bending glass is formed in the mold by heat-softened glasses and then tempered. The glass need to be booked without ready products in stock.
10. Glass brick making method is same with flat glass, the difference is forming method. The middle is dry air. It is mostly used for decoration projects or pervious to light designs.
11. Glass paper is also called glass film, it has different colors. The characteristics will be different of the different paper. The common characteristics are heat insulation, anti-infrared, UV and explosion-proof.

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