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Built-in insulating glass shutters are widely used today

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2013/10/18 09:03
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There is high demand of the built-in insulating glass shutters in the market.
1. Balcony sliding door, sun room(skylights, glass roof, windows and doors), terrace, etc
2. Washing room, glass bathroom, kitchen, etc
3. Office partition, home partition, etc
4. Villa, upscale club, fitness center, hotel, café, hospital, art gallery, high-end office
Problems we must pay attention
1. The air thickness: through control of thickness, the insulating glass inside form turbulent airflow to transfer heat, try to hot and cold gas mutual interference to generate convective heat.
2. Gas type and humidity: The inert gas filled into insulating glass has heat and sound insulation. For example, the argon and sulfur hexafluoride can improve the heat and sound insulation performance separately.
3. Sealing condition: if the sealing condition is not good, the water will enter into the glass the life span will shorten; if the material heat-conducting property is great, the coefficient of heat insulation will improve and the heat insulation performance will be bad.
4. The heat through rate: the heat transfer is by radiation. If we use ordinary transparent glasses with high through low reflectivity, the heat insulation performance will be worse than low through high reflectivity coated glass or low-E glasses.
5. Glass sizes: Enlarge the glass sizes can reduce the heat consumption and improve the heat insulation. The glass buckle decoration problems also reduce its performance.

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