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LBXH2500P vertical insulating glass production line,preferred Di Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinan Heng

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2013/10/14 08:55
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Jinan hengdi Machine Company specializes in insulating glass machinery, insulating glass production line, butyl extruder machine, sealant extruder machine, glass cutting machine, automatic aluminum bar bending machine, broken bridge aluminum machine and plastic& steel machines. Today I will introduce the LBXH2500P vertical insulating glass production line to you.
LBXH2500P vertical insulating glass production line:

LBXH2500P vertical insulating glass production line,preferred Di Machinery Co., Ltd. Jinan Heng

The machine is special for insulating glass manufacture and is composed of glass conveyor, glass washing and drying machine, glass inspection conveyor, aluminum frame position sector, flat press lamination machine and tiling machine.
Main parameter
1. Imported low tension electrical elements, PLC control system.
2. The glass washing machine adopts oil-free lubrication bearings.
3. Wash low-E glass and can automatically distinguish the coating side of the coated glass and Low-E glass
4. The flat glass lamination sector adopts safe pneumatic pressing.
5. High efficiency, it has small pieces of glasses storage area and the glass can be put continuously.
6. HMI touch screen to show the operation condition
7. Remote diagnosis system to offer the software and hardware support
8. Energy-saving intermittent type automatic system
9. It can produce three pieces of glasses, big and small glasses, abnormal glasses
10. Electrostatic discharge system
11. The washing sector use stainless steel material and the three separated brushes can wash the Low-E and coated glasses automatically with scratches
12. The frequency converter controls the motor, which can decelerate, buffer and accelerate convey, High efficiency
13. The high power fan ensures the glass dry. The draught fan adopts classified delay start devices to avoid excessive current phenomenon effectively.
14. The glass lamination machine adopts imported original dish wash to avoid the glass moving.

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