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What equipments it needs for a set of heat insulation broken bridge windows and doors

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2013/10/14 08:50
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The heat insulation broken windows and doors is manufactured by broken bridges machines and insulating glass machines and equipped with high-end hardware accessories. The windows and doors has advantages of energy-saving, sound proof, dustproof, waterproof, great watertight and airtight performance and get A1 level. In recent years, the needs of heat insulation aluminum broken bridges and doors is increasing as with the increasing high-rise buildings. However, what’s the machines which can manufacture these things? Today, I will introduce these machines for you.

The first is heat insulation broken bridge aluminum windows and doors cutting machines.
The machine has unique frames and fans corner crimping methods and is different from plastic-steel windows and doors cutting machines. Except the double-head cutting saw, it also includes the angle and code cutting saw. The double-head cutting saws include digital-control double-head precision cutting saw and digital-display double-head precision cutting saw. The former machine has high speed, efficiency and precision, which has been explained a few days ago, people interested can have a look. The later has same performance with former machine, the difference is that the former machine can show the number and it is easier for people to fix accurately and improve the work efficiency. Both machines are suitable for middle-size projects. As for the normal double-head cutting saw, which is also the “saw king” or “06 saw”, is the earliest and most easy machine, it is suitable for clients with less than 10,000 square meters output. Compared with 06 saw, the new machines have solenoid valve special for spray to enhance self-lubricating function and lengthen the life span. The left-side work table changed to be slope from flat which reduce the danger. The angle and code cutting saw includes digital-control ones, automatic ones and semi-auto ones, most clients like automatic ones as it work easily. We just put the angle materials on the work table and the machine will work automatically.

The second is heat insulation aluminum windows& doors corner combining machines.
As we said before, its corner combining method is different from plastics-steel windows and doors, the former adopts corner brace connection while later adopts welding heating, that is why we need corner combining machine. The machine includes four-head corner combining machine, double-head corner combining machine and single-head corner combining machine. On the cost side, the single-head corner combining machine is the best choice and the most used machine. As for the four-head corner combining machine, people wouldn’t buy it except for project use.

The third is heat insulation aluminum windows& doors milling machine.
The heat insulation aluminum windows and doors milling machine includes end-milling machine and drilling machine. The heat insulation aluminum windows and doors machine connection is not by welding but screw joint. The end-milling machine is used for end milling of the profile of aluminum doors and windows to make it connect with frames. The choice is easy, large-scale machine is for projects use and it can mill 6-10 profiles with one operation. If you have many odd jobs and the very profile is same, you can use small-scale end-milling machines, it can mill one profile at a time economically. The disadvantage of small-scale end-milling machine is that you need different milling cutter for different very material. The drilling machine is mainly used for water slots and lock holes.

The last one is heat insulation aluminum windows and doors pressing machine.
The machine includes pneumatic pressing and hydraulic pressing and is used for tank, handle holes and so on.

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